Matthew Wynn

Software Engineer


About Me

Some of my programming projects

Convert and Sync Music

My first major project in Rust, CASM will be able to parse a configuration file and copy music from one directory to another, converting between encodings if required (for example, converting to a lossy format to save storage space).


I was part of a small team that writes configuration management and small services for the Linux lab used by the CollegiumV honors program at UTDallas.

GitHub (Legacy) GitLab

This website! A lot of Bootstrap, a few external libraries and a bit of custom CSS.


Another Rust project, img_dedup will be a GUI app that can scan a folder of images and provide an easy interface for a user to remove unwanted duplicates.

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sddm_wynn theme

A flexible, configurable, material theme for the SDDM login screen for Linux. It includes features such as

  • A configurable usage message
  • The option for an organization logo
  • Alternative methods to select a username, and
  • The ability to select the user's preferred desktop environment or window manager from an HTTP API.
These features make sddm_wynn theme useful for Linux labs, such as the CollegiumV Honors College lab at the University of Texas at Dallas.